Today, WooCommerce is one of the biggest names in eCommerce. As of last year, WooCommerce eclipsed 7 million downloads and was powering more than 30% of eCommerce stores and powering more than 1.5 million websites worldwide. One of the largest reasons WooCommerce has become such a stalwart in eCommerce today is its ease of deployment as well as the flexibility that it offers. Another advantage it has over it's competitors is that it is simply a WordPress plugin and it gives you the ability to setup an online store without having to write a single line of code.

Of course offering a customized experience requires extensive coding chops, but there is also a need for exceptional and reliable plugins. In this post we offer up 5 WooCommerce plugins that will help you boost your online sales. If you find this post useful and want more useful eCommerce tips and advice, be sure to read our post Minneapolis Web Design: WooCommerce vs. Magento. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our blog by scrolling to the bottom of this post and filling out the "Subscribe to our blog" form. 


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5 WooCommerce Plugins that will help boost your online sales

If you are wondering if we get compensated for promoting these plugins... We don't.  IT WOULD BE COOL IF WE DID, THOUGH...


1. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro  

Cost: $119

WooCommerce Abanddoned Cart Pro - Digital 1.jpgFact: 98% of online traffic will not purchase something on your website the first time they visit. Some of your visitors may just be conducting research and taking a look at your product offerings. Others may actually begin to put items in their cart but in the end they actually abandon their carts and navigate away from your website. 

Visitors that end up abandoning their shopping carts are potential leads that can still be converted into customers using simple reminder emails. The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin allows you to send automated email reminders to visitors that abandoned their cart that the products/services are still ready for purchase. The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin will also recover all of the products/services that were in the customer's cart when they exited your website for a user friendly and convienient shopping experience. 

Be sure to check out WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro by clicking here. 


2. WooCommerce - Gift Cards 

Cost: FREE

Offering gift cards for purchase is a great way to boost sales, increase brand awareness and promote customer loyalty. On top of all of that, a decent amount of your gift cards will never be used. In fact, $41 Billion in gift cards haven't been redeemed since 2005.

I know this probably goes without saying but of course you shouldn't offer gift cards just to collect the money that people don't end up actually spending. Remember, gift cards are a fantastic way to help you expand your customer base if you are an expert at offering fantastic deals!

Click here to download WooCommerce - Gift Cards


WooCommerce Sendinblue add on - Digital 1.jpg3. WooCommerce - SendinBlue Add-On

Cost: FREE - $66/month

When you convert a visitor, it doesn't always mean you are making a sale. Often, nurturing long-term leads is much more profitable than pursuing quick buyers. With that said, it is very important to offer a permanent channel of communication between you and your potential customers. 

If you have a good email list of your visitors, users, and customers, you can maintain awareness of your brand as well as build trust by sending great deals, specials as well as updates. If you aren't already using a marketing automation software solution such as HubSpot or Infusion Soft, it is essential to invest in an email marketing and contact management platform like SendinBlue

The SendinBlue email marketing and contact management platform has all of the features that are necessary for keeping in touch with your audience from a drag and drop email builder as well as email automation. 

SendinBlue's responsive tool set makes it easy to build email templates that are both engaging and effective. On top of all of this, the SendinBlue system optimized the deliverability of you emails to guarantee you messages are seen. It is very easy to integrate this awesome plugin into your WooCommerce store. Simply install the SendinBlue add-on for Woocommerce and setup a SendinBlue account. 

Click here to learn more about the SendinBlue WooCommerce Add-On


4. WooCommerce Social Login

Cost: $39

Creating a community for your audience to engage with is a great way to assert your authority in the market place and build trust with your audience. Furthermore, providing your customers with personalized accounts and a personalized experience can help you make more effective offers based on their viewed or previously purchased products. 

To improve the experience of your clients you can implement Woocommerce Social Login to make the signup and sign-in process faster, easier, and more personal. WooCommerce Social Login allows them to use their social media accounts for registration purposes on your website. Instead of requiring your users to go through a tiresome process of filling out a sign up form, they can simply click the "Login with Facebook" button and they are ready to go 

According to research conducted by loginradius, digital consumers prefer the easier way of logging in with their social media accounts. Aside from making the login process easier, WooCommerce Social Login with also allow you to extract useful information about your customers. More information is key to understanding more about your customers and what makes them tick. 

Click here to learn more about the WooCommerce Social Login plugin. 


5. Product Enquiry pro for WooCommerce

Cost: $39

When researching products, many times customers need a little push to get them to the point of making a decision on a purchase. When looking for validation, visitors may turn to product reviews, unboxing videos and even personal recommendations from friends. Many customer also may reach out directly to the seller to inquire about the service and or product, what they can expect and if they can trust your brand. 

As an expert digital marketer, you can make it easy for your visitors to make these types of inquiries by using the Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin. It allows you to include a question or even a "request a quote" button within your WooCommerce Store. 

Click here to learn more about Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce


Thanks for reading 5 WooCommerce Plugins That Will Help Boost Your Online Sales! We hope that each of these plugins helps your eCommerce increase sales and profitability. Want to learn how to turn your website into a lead generating sales machine? Download our eBook, An Introduction to Growth Drive Design by clicking the link below.

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